iPhone 8: The most anticipated device to be coming with host of features

iPhone 8: As Apple’s big day arrived, WWDC event has now become the green highlight in the house of technology. Apple’s WWDC event is a yearly event that occurs in the month of June every year. The finest tech developers are cordially invited to partake various technological workshops. After what Apple announced on Monday night, we have gathered information of iOS 12, the latest version of Apple’s operating system to be bringing new hosts of features to Apple’s iPads and iPhones.  From the tasty tidbits of what we received from iOS 11 new features, we can get some chunk of information about the much-rumored iPhone 8. So let us check some of them that have been narrated further down of this article.

iPhone 8: If at all the flagship is arriving, then what can be anticipated of iPhone 8 list of key specs?

Apple’s iPhone 8 is a much anticipated and rumored device. At WWDC event, Apple announced iOS 11 to come with a host of features. But we get some nuggets of information from the announcement. Throughout the event, one thing was being mentioned every now and then, and that was the machine learning. With iOS 11, Siri will be improvised and become smarter. But with iPhone 8, one can speculate an improvised feature in terms of camera. There would be a replacement of JPEG file with that of HEIF; thereby offering twice better compression with an improvement in the low-light performance. But tech gurus are keenly interested in learning more about the HEIF which Apple revealed about the work procedure. After WWDC event, we can lean on iPhone video feature getting more in focus with improved video recording performance. On the other hand, at the WWDC event, Apple embraced the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) by giving developers specific tools in order to create contents for direct experience. We have already witnessed on the latest iPad Pro, a demo of AR and VR on the new iMac. Apple has visually declared the updated photos of the new iOS 11 along with its beneficial advantage of Memories; where it will identify groups of images automatically; be it your pet or you, yourself!

As per the rumors, the latest buzz of iPhone 8 will be featuring 5.8 inches of its display. Apple lawfully did stand with our expectations at the event, and we are quite happy about what has been witnessed at the WWDC. For more nuggets of information about iPhone 8, we need to wait for further announcements that would be held by the Cupertino-based company. we can find some of the best iphone 8 bumper case in this article.

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