Fix ‘Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped’ Issue on Android

Problems are the basic ingredients of a massive project and no doubt that the teams are working on the free movie streaming apps like Showbox, Playbox, etc. take a huge load on them to find out the bugs and fix thousands of issue of users so that the app improves and users onboard can be retained.

I have been using Showbox App for last few months, and without any confusion, I am an ardent fan of this app. Whenever I feel bored after playing games on PC, I move to my bed and pull my phone my the desk and play Showbox!

As all of you are aware of the fact that Showbox APK can’t be found on the official Google Play store but in some reliable sites like Uptodown and Showboxforpcc etc., so updating the app needs a little bit patience as you need to download the latest APK first. Due to the obsolete version installed on our device, we often face an issue like ‘unfortunately Showbox has stopped.’

Problems can’t be solved without knowing the root cause of that. That’s why we need to find out the cause behind the issue first.

An app stopped working due to several reasons-

  • If you have not updated the app for a long time, then obsolete APK will not work on your device.
  • If you have installed any antivirus then it may create a conflict, try to run after uninstalling the antivirus app.
  • If you have a corrupt SD card in the phone and you tried to move the app from your phone memory to the SD card.
  • Due to the cache memory in the system.

Well, let’s decode the ways out the issue now.

#1 Download an updates APK from here and try to install that on your phone or Android device, if it’s working fine then a big thumb up, you have got the nerve of the issue at the first attempt.

#2 Remove the corrupt SD card from your phone and uninstall the app. Reinstall the latest version and try again. Working cool?

#3 if these two above mentioned process failed to make the phone running Showbox then this is the final dose to the disease. Open the app from Storage option, you can find it in the settings option. Clear all cache and data. It may show a warning that you may lose your username and password once you do that. It’s not an issue at all, go on and flush out all data.

Check back, and it will work fine like before, enjoy unparallel free movie streaming on Showbox again.

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