Choosing the best pressure washer machine

Pressure washer has become one of the important gadget tool at our home, the recent range of available choices that offer mid and lower price range of these pressure washer machines that can be easily managed at home has increased its popularity as washing and cleansing equipment. There are mainly two types of options available as the pressure washer machines, due to easiness in usage and less price, the electric variant of pressure washer machine is the best available choice for the users at home as it offers adequate power and pressure supply with easy mobility. The more powerful variant that emerges as better option for pro level machines with more pressure applied and easy mobility with no power source but fuel required is the Gas Pressure Washer machine.

In order to better help you to choose the best, we will discuss different range of criteria to be kept in mind while buying pressure washer machine. There are many variant option available, user needs to choose the best available feature amongst the available option in order to choose the best.

More Power More Risk

The pressure of water exerted through the pressure washer machine usually measured in pounds per square (PSI), the gas powered models churns up the power in between 2000 to 2800 psi of power compared with 1300 to 1700 psi of model for the electric model. High pressure of the water applied by the gas pressure machine can clean a patio three time faster and with more power while judging the ability of electric based variant. Also the gas variant of models do the task of stripping the paint off vinyl siding.

While looking the other side of the story, gas models require more caution and expertise control for using for being more powerful, in order to get the things right, the right pressure should be pointed towards the particular area. High pressure of water should be avoided while using it to clean the wooden tables and other related surfaces, the pressure may cause crack or damage of the furniture.

Faster means more noise

It is well known that all the pressure washer create lots of noise, in order to tell you the scientific way the pressure washer with gas variant create more noise as they are more powerful with more water pressure. Usually these pressure washer creates 85 decibels (dBA) that is harmful as per the hearing protection measure is concerned, the electric based models create less noise as compared to the gas based models, the average noise creation is 78dBa.

Protecting yourself while using Pressure Washer

  • The user should always wear the safety gears, glasses, shoes and for the gas based models hearing protection should be considered.
  • Practice first by cleaning a hidden area.
  • Aim the nozzle in the right direction in order to get the maximum result.
  • Start the nozzle with minimum 2 feet away from the cleaning surface and move closer if needed but should remain 6 inches away.

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