Best Ski helmet for Kids 2018

Skiing is fun and adventurous for kids, but it comes with other dangers like injury, so having protection for kids while skiing is of utmost importance. In skiing, most of the injuries happen in the head and kids become unconscious. So a helmet is the mandatory safety equipment for skiing.

While choosing a helmet, one should look for the following points:

  • Perfect size: The helmet should properly fit onto the head. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose so that your child can be comfortable wearing it.
  • Protection feature: The helmet outer material should be sturdy and there should have thick padding inside it.
  • Proper ventilation: There should be adequate air flow inside it so that it feels comfortable while wearing it forger period of time.
  • Other features like Goggle compatibility, liner and construction.

Here is the list of some top quality ski helmets for your child: –

POC POCito Light

The product is lightweight and of good material. It has soft and thick ear padding which makes it comfortable to wear. You can be assured that it will save your child from all the impacts that may occur while skiing fall as strong EPP liner is fit into the helmet. The helmet also comes with goggle compatibility. Also, this helmet provides an option for a name tag where you can put your contact number in case of an emergency. This helmet is neither too expensive considering all the features it has. So definitely you can go for it.

Smith Optics Pivot Junior

The helmet possesses well designed adjustable strap so that it easily gets fit onto your child’s head. This one is consist of thirteen ventilation hole that makes the airflow perfect inside the space and hence no overheating. EPP liner is added so you can be assured of your child’s safety. Adequate padding is provided inside it so that it doesn’t get uncomfortable. The goggle lock attached to the helmet is also removable so that you can make it more lightweight while needed. Long with these features, the helmet comes with many funky, kid-friendly colors so that your kids will love to wear it on their head for all time.

Anon Youth Burner

If you are looking for the lightest weight, yet effective ski helmet for your child, definitely this is the one for you. The helmet comes with a magnetic buckle so while take off and take on do not become battles for your child. It is extremely smooth to put on and off. A comfortable fleece is inside it to make it comfortable to wear it for a longer time. Polycarbonate shell gives strong protection in case of a fall. Enough ventilation system in the helmet keeps your kid’s head dry. Along with all these features, the helmet comes with tons of colors and design starting from girly to very masculine. So your kids will have plenty of choices while selecting this. do not forget to check the detail buying guide about best hiking pant.

Your kids might forget about the safety feature while indulging in skiing, but as a parent, it’s your primary responsibility to keep your kid’s safety intact. So before your child goes on a skiing spree make sure you equip him/her with the best ski helmet 2018 available in the market.

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